Compatibility Assessment

If you desire to connect with our staff liaison for prayer support and coaching, please fill out the following questions and send us your responses by choosing “Submit” below.

Please note: we are not engaged in hiring or paying additional staff, but in promoting the concept of men giving themselves to the ministry of discipling other men.

Do you believe that:

  • Gods Word is inerrant infallible and completely trustworthy for life and godliness?
  • The local church is Gods primary instrument for discipleship evangelism accountability and missions?
  • The Gospel is the greatest news ever given to mankind?

Does your heart long for:

  • More and more men growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, and helping other men grow in knowledge and obedience?
  • More and more men leading well at home and in the church?
  • More and more elders who are shepherding the flock and modeling for others discipleship?
  • More and more churches where discipleship is considered a foundational mission?

Are you prepared to:

  • Serve under the authority of your local church leaders
  • Model for others a life devoted to “prayer and the ministry of the word”?
  • Devote greater time and attention to serving other men and diminish, or eliminate, time and attention to a “regular” job?

Can you afford to:

  • Serve without reimbursement, or serve with minimum reimbursement, which would come through your local church?